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What are Simulation Games games?
Simulation games we can play games that seek to have the same feeling that it would have in real life, simulation games became famous thanks to a game called GOAT SIMULATOR which was a game in which we could control a goat, The game was so popular that they did not take long to make several games with the same mechanics of controlling an animal, in addition to the fact that this class of games usually contains Easter Eggs which could surprise us by how well they were designed, in this category we will be able to see from the point of view of many animals or other things since the simulator games are not always about animals we can also find other simulators that will also have theirs.

Best Games from the Simulation Games category
Elastic Man: in this game you can have fun handling the face of a boy (which bears a great resemblance to Morty from the Rick and Morty series) with which we can make any kind of faces with this doll that will be made of plastic, we can configure the graphics with which we want to play, if your computer is not very powerful this game will not give you problems since there will be nothing more to load than a face, this game will only have a black background while we can play with the face of a person The one that will have quite realistic physics since the game will have a face which will have good physics in terms of eyes and hair is spoken, the game is only about that simply control the character's face and have fun with the game remember Much to the waiting menu of Super Mario 64 in which if we waited for the cinematic to end we could play a little with Mario's face while we could stretch his face and leave it like that and then start playing, if you like games where you just have to make a goal this game is for you.

Pottery Games: the game will start with a bar which will be gradually filling up loading the game, in this game we will have to remove the blue wood which will be surrounding a blue pillar, the game will require various concentration, since we will have to Look carefully when stopping cutting the wood that will be decreasing little by little, if we touch the blue pillar a star will be blocked which will take away more total score, once we finish one level we will automatically go to the next level in the following ones each time. It will be more difficult since we will have to look very carefully at where we are on the minimap, if we lose a level we will have to start again until we can achieve it in total we will have 5 attempts and if we lose each one of them we will have to start again and we will lose the level the game will have a minimap at the top left in which we can see how much we need to be able to touch the blue pillar, in the background we can see some color It is rainbow which will be very beautiful to decorate the background, in the upper left we can see how much score we have so far, we have a total of 4 stars in addition to that each time we start the level we can see how the pillar will begin to rotate every Once more quickly, the game is made for people who are happy to remove wood from objects such as a blue pillar, the game is available for Android, iPad, and iPhone mobile devices.

Simulation Games on kiz10
Here at kiz10 we have several games with the simulator style to play more simply go to and then click on Categories and Tags once there look for the category that you like, in this case simulation games, we hope you have fun with us and don't forget to have fun here on kiz10.


What are Simulation Games?

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