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Bob The Robber Games

What's in the Bob The Robber Games category?
In this category there will be Bob the Thief or Bob the Robber games in English, in these games we will control a thief who must steal jewelry, money, among other things depending on the style of the game, this game became more famous since it was a game very fun, time after the game would pass for mobile devices after a while becoming again one of the most played.

Games in the Bob The Robber Games category
Bob The Robber Online: in this game we will have to help Bob the thief who will have to steal several sums of money to be able to give them to the poor, we will have to storm from houses to the casino with the most money in the world, we will have to avoid guards , cameras, among other things, we will have to look very carefully at the boxes that will be scattered throughout the map, you will have to be careful with the enemies that will be hanging around the corridors, you will have to be more careful with the police, since if they you get caught the game will end automatically, every time you are seen by an enemy (other than a police officer) it will activate the alert which will last 7 seconds, if you activate more than 5 alarms the game will end and we will have failed to rob the millionaires, the The game is also available on mobile devices, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Bob The Robber 2: After the events of the first game our hero was calm enjoying a full life without alarms or police or anything, but after taking a break on his sofa apparently a boss from the last game comes out of jail and is trying something new, we will have to steal your money and discover what your plans are, we will have a broader view of the map, in addition to the fact that the camera mechanics work better, so we may have more opportunities to win, a counter is that now the maximum alarms that we can activate will be 4, the game will have new objects that will help us in our adventures, in addition to that now we can knock out our enemies and the guards with a bat which we can use by pressing space, in some missions we will have to save people which know the truth and which will help us stop the evil millionaire who will try to wreak havoc in the city, help bob discover what is happening and stop the evil millionaire io.

Bob The Robber 3 Season Japan: In this edition of Japan we will have to travel to other places where there will be new enemies, from mummies to agents with weapons, you will have to be very careful since in this game there will not be a number of alarms to sound, yes You activate an alarm, no matter who it is you will lose the game and they will take you to prison, the game will have many new enemies in addition to new mechanics, once the game has started we will have to use what we already know from previous games in addition to having new mechanics, you will have to be careful with new cameras which will not move and will simply be recording at a fixed point, this can be beneficial in some cases but in others they can place it at the beginning which would cause us to have to find a new way to go to the place What we want.

Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure: When Bob was robbing a house as always, he found a map which can guide him to more riches than normal, such as jewelry, gold, diamond, among many things, this is where our adventure began, our enemies in instead of being guards who could set an alarm, now we will have to prevent the mummies from catching us every time we do something, we will have to collect Gadgets which are special objects which will help us in our adventure, in the first level we will have to get A multipurpose knife that will follow us to open doors, in the next level we will be shown a new enemy who, if he sees us, will try to run towards a button which will activate an alarm and we will lose automatically, the game has new game mechanics so looks like a new game, the game is also available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Bob The Robber Games on kiz10
If you want to play more games of one of the gentlest thieves in the world, simply go to click on categories and tags and look for the category that you like the most, we hope you have fun with us and don't forget to play more on kiz10, have fun and don't forget to smile.

Bob The Robber is platform-puzzle and strategy game where you play as Bob. The game was released in 2010 by Meow Beast and you have to help this little thief to infiltrate in every place, avoid the cameras, lasers and the security guards to stole all the jewels and get not caught. There are many types of enemies in the game like guards, the main enemy, very dangerous dogs with high speed and attack, some cameras that can detect you, lasers and robots. We collected 8 Bob the Robber games that you can play in your computer browser of any mobile device  now!. The first game in the saga is (Bob the Robber). In this game you must help Bob, an expert thief, to rob all the houses in the city as fast as you can and not being seen by the guards or the alarms will sound.
Be careful with the security cameras, the vigilant robots and the motion detectors and take all the money you can. The sequel is (Bob the robber 2) our exclusive game with achievements and rewards. Bob is back with a new neighborhood to rob, and bigger houses than the last game. Take down all the security gadgets and disappear in the shadows without a trace in this amazing kiz10 game. After the success of the first 2 games Bob the Robber is back with (Bob The Robber 3) a new game with new challengers, different missions to complete and the same fantastic gameplay as the others. You must learn to sneak in front of the smart security guards, get all the safes open and keep all the loot! You complete all these 3 games and want more adventures? Let's play (Bob The Robber 4)
and join Bob in another great adventure this time in the beautiful city of Paris! Get ready for action and sort all the obstacles to evade the detectives that follow your trail. Enter the Museum and take all the famous paintings like the Mona Lisa before the guards catch you. We have the part 2 and part 3 of Bob The Robber 4 you can play directly from our site. Enjoy this whole new release (Bob The Robber 4: Season 2 Russia) with plenty of new challenging levels. Infiltrate in the Russian city, disable all the video cameras, and escape with all the loot. Complete all the levels and take a plane to our new destination in (Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan) the last game of the season 4 placed in Japan. Jump in a robot suit and hide from the dangerous gunners that will try
to shoot you. Release the mummies to distract the police, use the elevators and escape through the roof. Our last Bob the Robber adventure is (   Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure) where you have to steal the treasure from the temple without being caught. Knockout guards, take out mummies and don't get caught by the eyes of the statues. Explore the vast dungeons and pyramids with many passageways collect all the diamonds and find the exit but be careful there are lot traps, spikes and secret holes that will make you fall. Escape from the mummy and the ancient Indians and other security guards that will try to stop you. Complete the 10 levels and fight with the great shaman to be the best robber in the world. That is the complete collection of Bob the Robber, but we have one more
similar game that you can play with your friends on kiz10. Try our (Lazy Robber) and help this little rogue to steal all of the pink diamonds and remove the correct objects in this funny game. We add new games every day that you can play anywhere and anytime. With more than 100k games in this website you can have fun forever. We have the newest, popular and most played games ready to play in any device. Join our kiz10 community and meet thousand of players that want to have a great time like you only on



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