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is an OPEN WORLD construction video game which was created by the Swedish Markus Persson (NOTCH) and later for the company he created called MOJANG AB, the game was originally released on May 17, 2009, after various changes to its full version It was released on November 18, 2011, the game was released for ANDROID 1 week before the full version for computers so we could enjoy the full game first, on November 17, 2011 the IOS version would be released and on 9 May 2012 its version for XBOX 360 and PS3 would be released, MINECRAFT currently receives updates so we will always have something new to visit or explore in this game of cubes, on September 15, 2014 the company MICROSOFT bought Minecraft for the incredible amount of 2500 MILLION USD. This would provoke Marcus Person to leave the company, on November 1 MICROSOFT announced the launch of Minecraft Education Edition, without a doubt one of the most popular games s of the world completely free just for you.

Minecraft Pixel World: in this game we will start in a menu which will have a background map of this same game which we will be able to see pure trees, once the menu is loaded we will be able to select 2 options, if we press CONTROLS we will be able to see the controls with which we can play the game, to move we will have to use WASD, to select blocks we will use the numbers 123456 ..., to pause the game we will have to press ESC, to hit or chop blocks we will have to use our left click, to create a block we will have to use our right click, to fly press F, for construction mode press B, to crouch press C, to run press LSHFtT while running, to throw balls press R, to place bricks press X, to interact press T, to throw any object press B and to open the list of blocks press H, once we know the controls we will have to press PLAY to start playing, when we start playing the world is ra loading so we will have to wait a moment to be able to play, once the world is loaded we can start exploring, we will have to walk all over this dangerous world, when we start we will see a large dirt land and we will be able to see a house which It will be half finished we can interact with that house to discover the blocks it has hidden, once we have finished the whole tour of the house we can jump into a puddle of water which will be in front of us, after that we can start to build everything what we want, if you like games in which you can build this game in an open world you will love it, THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION.

DIG MASTER: when we start the game we will be able to see an excavator ready to start its work. We will be able to configure various game settings which will help us to play better, first we will have to press the configuration button to open the settings, once there we can measure at what volume we want the sound and music of the game, also if you are playing on mobile you can configure the vibration so that it does not bother you, we can buy several different excavators to have better performance when playing, we will have several styles and each It will cost an approximate number of diamonds which we can get by moving forward in the game, there will be a total of 21 styles to buy so we will have to play enough to buy all of them, if we press on the crown we can see all the gold we are missing of the level we are at, once we start the level we will have to move around the map with our click or our finger to be able to see several extraordinary places, we will have to collect all the possible minerals to fill the yellow bar which will be above us, the map will be very large so you do not have to worry if you hit something, this game is highly recommended for people who love mining games.

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