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King of Fighters or better known as KOF is a video game saga in which we will have to face several opponents who will come in teams of 3, the game was originally prigino thanks to the video game Fatal Fury which is a game of the same SNK company, the first game in the saga was KOF 94, the game was originally a crossover game, that is to say that we could play with characters from other company titles such as Fal Fury, Art Of Fighting, Ikari Warriors among many others, but the idea finally it was discarded although we could also play with the characters of the 2 most popular games, after that this game was a tremendous success around the world so the next year they decided to release a new game which would have the name of KOF95 which It would be a continuation of the previous installment, in the first game we will have to face Rugal Bernstein who has an almost impossible difficulty in addition to being one of the most difficult bosses in the world. One, afterwards we would have to avoid the resurrection of an entity known as OROCHI which would be too powerful an entity, a game that undoubtedly has evolved over time with its last game being KOF XIV which is available for playstation 4 and PC, The King Of Fighters XV was recently announced and is currently in development to be released in August 2021.

Dragon Ball Z Devolution: in this game with a pixelated design we will have to help goku in his adventure to save the earth again, in this game we will have to move freely through a scenario which will have references to the series, once we complete the tutorial we will have to continue in the story mode in which we will have to face all the enemies of the series in chronological order, then we will have to face Piccoio first since he will continue to be bad but later he will turn on the side of the good ones, then raditz will appear which will face goku to take his son gohan so we will have to know how to move very well since the enemies will have different fighting modes becoming increasingly difficult, the game will have a medium difficulty but we can lower or raise it depending on our tastes , after that we can see how we will have to control Raditz since in the series he wins the first battle so we have to defeat ag Oku, after all that we will have to face Raditz while we control Piccolo and Goku, after Goku sacrifices himself for his son, then we will have to control Gohan who will be training with Piccolo in order to avoid the arrival of 2 new enemies. which would be the saiyayins, after that we can control gohan who will be in his childhood but we will also have to face piccolo until he is unconscious, after all the saiyayins will come to earth so we will have to be very fast at the time of fight their henchmen the saibaman which will be green bestais which will have a lot of speed in addition to coming in droves, after that we will have to defeat the saiyan who will present themselves as vegeta and nappa, a great game in which we will have to know use the controls appropriately, if you are a fan of dragon ball this game will enchant you.

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❤️ What are the best King Of Fighters Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. King Of Fighters Wing 1.8
  2. Dragon Ball Z Devolution
  3. The King Of Fighters Wing EX
  4. The Murder Of King

What are King Of Fighters Games?

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