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Tmnt Games

What does TMNT mean?
The games in the TMNT category are the games that are based on the famous series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Ninja Turtles. This kind of games is based more on the action than on anything else since the Ninja Turtles was an action series, the The story was about turtles that when exposed to radioactive components become stronger and more powerful, their master Splinter is the one who will give them advice whenever it seems that everything is lost, the ninja turtles will have to start fighting to protect humanity From the plans of the evil Shredder, the turtles when raised together are brothers for which they all get along, the four brothers who will defend us are the following:

Leonardo (Leader): he is the leader of the Ninja Turtles and is the older brother of the group, he is the most agile, the most serious and disciplined, in addition to that, he is the closest to his master Splinter, he is equipped with two Ninjatos on his back.

Raphael: He is known as the grumpy of the 4 brothers, he is the second oldest and the third youngest, he has two very sharp UPS, he is always in a bad mood since he believes he should be the leader of the Ninja Turtles .

Donatello: Donatello is the one who wears a purple bandana, his main weapon is 2 CANES, he is the most intelligent of his brothers, he will normally speak things that nobody understands.

Michelangelo: Better known as only Michael, he is the funniest and youngest of his brothers. In addition to having two NUNCHAKUs, he will always be trying to calm things down when his brothers fight, in the 1987 series he was the one who had the most prominence.

(Curiosity: did you know that the names of the ninja turtles are the names of artists of the Renaissance)

Best TMNT games

Rise of the TMNT Bumper Bros: in this game we will have to use our left click to move the ninja turtles, we will have to drag a ninja turtle to get coins and thus complete the level, this game could be considered as a billiards but less difficult, We can choose 1 turtle from the 4, our objective will be to get all the coins that will be scattered throughout the level, be careful that we have a limited number of shots and if those shots are finished, while we advance enemies will appear that we will also have to defeat by turning Directly towards them, if we do not defeat the enemies the game will be over and we will have failed, this game is very easy to play and the gameplay is very relaxing.
this game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Rise of the TMNT Road Riot: It is a racing game in which we can control any character of the ninja turtles, each character will have its own car, and each car will have its pros and cons, it will be a 3-lap race in which only the first 3 will appear at the end of a game, we can choose the difficulty mode from easy to difficult, we can choose between 3 different landscapes each one different from the previous one, be careful as there will be obstacles in the middle of the race that could harm us if you don't We dodged, the game was created by the entertainment company Nickelodeon, the game is very easy in addition to being a very fun one, if you like racing games this game is definitely for you.

TMNT Dark Horizons: In this game created by Nickelodeon we can choose Donatello, Rafael, Leonardo or Michelangelo, the story is that the turtles were on a mission until they reach the sewers where we will have to look for a missing person, we can move with the directional arrows on the keyboard and we can attack with space, once in the sewer enemies will appear to try to eliminate us, we can make a jump between walls by pressing up twice each time we go to a wall, we can meet on the way with shurikens which we can launch with z, we can also do a Dash forward by pressing twice where we are going.
if we find a sewer we can change characters simply we have to press down to bring up the menu of turtle options, this game is very fun and exciting if you want a challenge this game is for you.

TMNT games on kiz10
here at kiz10 we have several TMNT games just go to go to Categories and Tags and then look for the category, which you like the most we hope you have fun and don't forget to play more here on kiz10.


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