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War Games

What are War Games-style Games?

War games are video games that try to recreate some historical facts from real life or invent a story where 2 sides face each other with firearms to achieve victory,
the games are best known for trying to recreate the historical event of the second world war or the battle of vietnam, the most common war games style games on the internet are FPS (First Person Shooter) in which we will control a soldier (or any other character depends on the game) that will enter the war.

War Games history

Before talking about all the games of now we have to talk about the game that made history and that inspired many companies to create the games of now, Medal Of Honor Allied Asault would give us for the first time a campaign based on the tragic event in Normandy of US troops, The game used the Quake game graphics engine which would also be a very well received video game,
When the company led by Jason West and Vince Zampella, at the end of Allied Assault the studio were having problems with their distributor EA (Electronic Arts) for which they decided to resign, Activision decided to give them a hand to create their own studio in exchange for creating games for them,
This is how the company called Infinity Ward was founded, and this company would launch a historical game in the world that is still talked about until now, in 2003 Infinity Ward publishes the first most realistic and best multiplayer Call Of Duty, the game would inspire various Companies like EA SAY that with Visceral Games they would launch Battlefield 3 a game that would also break a record and the rest is history

The best War games style games

Battlefield 3: On October 25, 2011 EA would launch the game that would be remembered by all as the best shooting game in the battlefield 3 saga, this game had several qualities that made it unique
winged COD (Call of Duty) in the game we are presented with the Flashback style story (that is, remembering events) in which we would put ourselves in the shoes of the marine Henry Blackburn which
is interrogated for murder against his partner on one of his missions while Dmitri mayakovsky is trying to escape from the city.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (Trilogy): The most beloved game in its franchise competing with Black Ops, Modern Warfare was something we had never seen before, a war in today's cities.
which ended in a chase on a bridge, Call of Duty Modern Warfare put us at the feet of Soap Mactavish main character who would later appear in other titles in the franchise,
the story was one of the best we could find at that time, having everything, betrayals, friendships and more, after the success of Modern Warfare the studio of Infinity Ward would launch the second installment that would give us even more emotion for its multiplayer mode than It was placed for a time as the most played on the Xbox Live platform, but it would all end with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game that ended the main story with a sad outcome for the character Soap Mactavish and having better resolution than its previous interludes, the The game was claimed as many said it was the worst in the trilogy while others called it a masterpiece, the trilogy that we all once loved had ended on November 8, 2011 saying goodbye to one of the best trilogies in the industry of video game.

Medal Of Honor (franchise): The game that would start it all Medal Of Honor or medal of honor in Spanish is one of the most remembered and beloved games by all gamers in the world, counting
With more than 10 games that would be successful, a medal of honor taught us how cruel and bloody war could be, the game won several awards as the best-selling title among many more,
A game that was not missing on the computers of the gamers of the year 2002, the game had the campaign that completely changed the gameplay, from the typical story of being us the heroes in this game focused more on team support.

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What are War Games?

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